Big VAST family – summer 2014 holiday


After stressful working days, VAST’s Union held an unforgettable summer holiday for all staff together with their families at Hai Hoa Sea, Thanh Hoa. On the way going to the Hai Hoa, VAST visited the sales staff’s family. There, the company was received the warm welcome from family, also enjoyed the specialty – Rang Bua cake-which was made by family themselves.

One more interesting is that at the precinct of the hotel, where the company stayed at, sisters met comedian Hiep Ga by accident and then had some photos for memorial thing.

The trip ended with many exciting and memorial moments. Everyone had happy and relaxed moments, romped around together in cool water of Hai Hoa Sea, and enjoyed seafood specialties at the beach. More important than that, the trip made all stress and difficulties disappear in daily life,  and helps everyone renew energy and vitality as well for coping with new challenges.

Minh Tam