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About UsCác website hữu ích trong logistics::
Airport Codes – www.world-airport-codes.com
Currency Conversion – www.finance.yahoo.com/currency
Dialing Prefixes – www.globaltelecom.org/codes_ab.htm
Embassies and Consulates – www.embassyworld.com
FIATA – www.fiata.com
Industry Law – www.forwarderlaw.com
Incoterms – www.iccwbo.org/incoterms
Seaports – www.ports.com
Industry Dictionary – www.exportbureau.com/dictionary.html
Weight Conversions – www.onlineconversion.com/weight
World Maps – www.worldatlas.com
World Time – www.worldtime.com
Worldwide Weather – www.worldweather.com
Travel to Viet Nam: www.vietnamodyssey.com